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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- January 05, 1906
    Protest Meeting.

    p. 2, col. 3 - The meeting which had for its purpose taking steps whereby better police protection would be provided in Bohemian California, and which was called for last night in Placek's hall, was attended by only about twenty citizens. Aldermen Uhlir and Zimmer of the 12th ward, and Mr. Cermak, a member of the state legislature, arrived on time and patiently waited, thinking that perhaps more citizens would arrive. However, when waiting proved to be of no avail, the meeting was started.

    Mr. J. Marek was elected chairman, and Mr. J. Cerny as secretary. The first to speak was Alderman Uhlir, who regretted the small attendance of citizens, because he had also invited the commanding officer of the Lawndale police station to be present at the meeting to hear complaints which the citizens have against the police.

    The police commander did not come and this angered Mr. Uhlir in the beginning, but when he saw how poorly the meeting was attended, he was glad. The Aldermen explained that the fault lies in the manner in which police are assigned to the Lawndale station. This station is considered some sort of penal colony, to which police are sent for punishment, when they have brought the anger of 2their superiors upon themselves for some reason or other.

    In order to remedy existing conditions the citizens must help the Aldermen. They must hold big protest meetings, they must see to it that reports of these meetings get into the daily papers and to the chief of police and the mayor. He who wants conditions changed must work himself, and agitate among those who are indifferent.

    The next meeting of citizens for this purpose will be held next Tuesday evening in Placek's hall. It is expected that it will be more numerously attended. It will be seen to that the proceedings and resolutions of the citizens will be published in the English daily newspapers and reported to the Chief of Police and to the mayor. An agitation committee was elected composed of the following: Messrs. Jiran, Prasil, Cerny, Marek and Cermak. Those present were urged by Mr. Cermak to agitate and bring as many of their friends as possible to next Tuesday's meeting.

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