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  • Svornost -- January 29, 1885
    Insulting the Bohemians. (Editorial)

    As we know, a new attack was made again on us Bohemians, and its injustice, cannot be compared with the previous numerous affronts, printed in the English press against the Bohemians not only in Chicago, but in other cities. We Bohemians know very well, that this article is mendacious as is proven by the fact, that the article encompasses the entire Bohemian Nation, not only here but in Bohemia, Europe. It states for instance that we generally dwell in the worst holes. What a picture of us must be created by an individual who does not know our people?

    Certainly we must confess that there actually are somewhere some conditions, which would be hard to defend before foreigners, but the whole nation can never be blamed for this; the other nations given to us as an example - are still worse.

    It is true regarding the employment of children, that there are many parents, 2who send their children to work while very young, but this fact cannot be classed as characteristic of the entire nation. We have many wealthy Bohemians in America, who also send their children to work right after graduation from the public school. We have also a great number of poor, intelligent workingmen, who can hardly make their living expenses, but who send their children to school as long as circumstances permit.

    The same condition can be found among the Germans, who are offered us as an example. There are more points in the attack which offend our nationality and it is sufficient for our readers to peruse today the fourth page of the correspondence of Mr. Baumbruker, a Chicago inhabitant of many years. There are exceptions too If someone sees a Bohemian woman stealing corn grain or corn ears, this does not mean that all Bohemian women steal.

    We have our faults, but the same faults can be found among the immigrants of other nations, also among the Americans. On the other hand we have qualities, which ennoble our nation and if one wishes to write about some of our faults, he should not dare to include in it that the entire Bohemian nation here and in the old country. His duty would be to show to the 3readers our good qualitities also .....

    The health commissioner stated that the Bohemians as a rule live in narrow dwellings, each floor of which contains a large number of families. The same conditions will be found among other nationalities. If a Bohemian comes from abroad and has no place to sleep and one of his acquaintances keeps him until he is able to find a home, this is not proof that this condition is general in our life. The majority of us live the same way as our brother citizens, the Americans, and in many cases even better.

    I C