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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- February 05, 1864
    German Ladies Meet in New Turnhalle

    In response to the appeal of Mr. Johann Gindele, a number of German ladies of Chicago met in the new Turnhalle to discuss matters referred to in the appeal. Mr. Gindele had invited Mr. Heinrich Greenbaum to be present at the meeting. After Mr. Gindele had opened the meeting, the organization work was completed by the election of Mr. Heinrich Greenbaum as secretary. Following a lengthy debate, the resolutions given below were adopted. All the delegates who were elected are requested to meet on Wednesday afternoon in the new Turnhalle. Meetings of the American Ladies' Aid are held every Saturday afternoon at two o'clock in Light Guard Hall, corner of State and Randolph Streets.

    [The Resolutions]

    "Whereas, Prominent members of the Association for the Relief of Soldiers' Families have expressed the wish that the German ladies join the above-named organization for the purpose of investigating the claims or requests of the wives 2of German soldiers, and of generally promoting the noble cause of the Association; be it hereby

    "Resolved, That it has long been the desire of the German ladies to be actively engaged in the work of supporting the dependents of soldiers, and that we therefore gladly join the Association for the Relief of Soldiers' Families, assuming that our representatives will be considered to be, and will be treated as, full-fledged members; and be it further

    "Resolved, That the following ladies be requested to represent the German residents: Mrs. Elizabeth Schneider, Mrs. Caspar Butz, Mrs. Caroline Schurz, [names of twelve others omitted in translation]; and be it further

    "Resolved, That the minutes of this meeting shall be published in the German newspapers, and that a copy of these resolutions shall be sent to the 3Association for the Relief of Soldiers' Families.

    "J. G. Gindele, president."

    "A. Greenbaum, secretary."

    II D 10, I G, IV