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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 26, 1885
    Dynamite Devils

    Reports on the renewed dynamite bomb murders, in London, must fill any body, whose mind is not wholly distorted with terror and shame. For thousands of years, there have been gruesome crimes and murders, committed in the name of freedom and independence. But these attacks always were directed against the personal cause of a people's misery; against cruel tyrants or evil doing oppressors. The slaughter of peaceful men, innocent women and children, in London, on January 24, 1885, is a black page in the records of human history. The Irish plotters, who carried out this crime in cold blood, do not deserve any leniency, and should be destroyed the quickest way, as soon as the law has them in custody.

    This standpoint was taken by Senator Edmunde, who is demanding the introduction of stricter laws, and more severe punishment of law breaking anarchists. It is a known fact, that all financial support, given to European plotters, has been traced back to American anarchists in New York, who should be apprehended at once.

    I E, I C